Vandenberg AFB - Satellite Control Facility

This project is a ground up single story secured Satellite Control facility which carried a DoD priority rating. The HVAC systems consisted of (5) 80 ton R410 air cooled chillers which were sequenced to run at part load & provide redundancy. (2) Redundant gas condensing boilers sequenced at part load, chilled water primary / secondary redundant variable speed pumping systems, heating hot water primary / secondary redundant variable speed pumping, (4) chilled & heating hot water variable speed air handlers including full economizer cycles serving occupied spaces, (23) chilled & heating water variable speed CRAC or Computer Room Air Conditioning units with steam humidification including redundancy serving rack server rooms, UL listed smoke evacuation exhaust & supply, BACnet DDC HVAC & lighting controls including smoke evacuation, and demand control ventilation with CO2 sensors, emergency generator radiator exhaust and welded schedule 80 steel engine exhaust, welded security bars and drywall cladding on ductwork for SCIF DCID 6/9 compliance with sound attenuation, ATFP compliance. All HVAC equipment was protected from the salt air environment with a 5,000+ hour rated ASTM B117 coating.