P906 - BEQ MCAGCC 29 Palms

This project was designed and constructed as a T shape 192 room four story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) which was tied into an existing T shape BEQ. The parking structure alleviated parking challenges.


The HVAC for this project consisted of High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) delivered by an existing central plant converted to medium temperature via a shell & tube heat exchanger for heating hot water, addition of a .45 KW/ Ton 650 ton water cooled chiller to the existing central plant which also served two future facilities, new chilled water pumps were also added to the central plant, the water cooled chiller was cooled by existing cooling towers, separate booster pumps were provided in a mechanical room closer to the BEQ as the existing central plants were up to one mile away from the BEQ site. Pre-conditioned outside air was provided to all living spaces and common areas via a chilled water / heating hot water variable speed air handler located in the attic. The air handler also utilized a heat recovery coil which recycled heat from higher temperature exhaust systems to minimize energy usage. Exposed slope top chilled water / heating hot water fan coils serve all sleeping rooms, ducted fan coils serve all common areas including the laundry room. Laundry room exhaust including lint removal. All restrooms were exhausted by large inline exhaust fans located in the attic. The pre conditioned outside air delivery system performed the bulk of conditioning to the facility allowing the fan coils to operate only when the main system could not maintain temperature due to extreme ambient temperatures in 29 Palms. Four independent ductless split systems were provided to condition NMCI rooms on each floor. LONworks DDC controls served the BEQ facility including integration to the existing Johnson Metasys N2 control system in the central plant. The DDC control system is monitored by the Area Wide Energy Management System.